A Hidim turns a torrent into a regular PNG image

You save the png yourself. You can post it anywhere. People can decode it, but it can't be searched for... it won't turn up in searches for those torrents, unless you provide text that matches.

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Make a hidim

hid.im only accepts .torrent files smaller than 250KB

Decode a hidim

Bookmarklet: Decode Hidim (requires Firefox 3 or Safari 4)

Get the Firefox extension from addons.mozilla.org

Sample hidim'd torrents

Read more about how hidims work: The Bookmarklet, Hidim Format

Open Source

Hidim is still in its infancy and it could use your help! You can help by trying it out, finding and reporting bugs, hacking on the source or creating implementations in other languages. Hidim is licensed under the MIT License.